Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hong Kong: white house with dark secrets

If you have ever taken the Number 54 public lightbus from Outlying Ferry Terminals to Queen Mary Hospital (as Mister B does with some frequency) you may have wondered about the seemingly derelict house just glimpsed on Victoria Road, Pokfulam.

Someone, long ago, told me the place had once been a British colonial interrogation centre used by the Special Branch, the police's politico division. That certainly made sense, in the 1950s and '60s the area was still relatively remote and few other buildings then existed in the area. No one would have heard the screams:
The white house was the secret prison used to imprison political prisoners and terrorists during the British colonial period. It also served as the training school for Hong Kong/British secret agents. Many famous people with ties to the Chinese Communist Party were prisoners here, including the famous 1960's actors Fu Qi and She Wei, the spy police inspector Tsang Chiu-Fo, etc. Since the prisoners had important key information that the government needed, the special agents at the white house would use any means including drugs and hypnosis to induce the prisoners to confess.
It is, by all accounts, still a Government property and is often hired out to film crews. For pix and more: EastSouthWestNorth

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