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Hugh Laurie + Stephen Fry: The Nature of Language

For the weekend, a guilty pleasure.

My aunt's ear trumpet has been struck by lightning . . .

Weather report

Hong Kong Observatory confirms this August has been more than sultry. Based on the number of days the temperature has been 33C or higher, this is the hottest August since 1974.

Hereabouts, for the second day in a row, the temperature in the afternoon peaked at a tad over 34C.

Bake city . . .

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Lawyer watch

Once upon a time, a long time ago, yours truly came across a large book of cartoons. English cartoons from the 1700s , but not ones by William Hogarth or James Gillray.

The cartoon which most impressed had one man pulling on the two horns of a cow, the other pulling on its tail. In the middle, sitting on a low stool, a grinning face turned to the viewer, is a lawyer milking the cow.

Can anyone identify the auther of said engraving? Mr B's google-fu has drawn a blank.

Elsewhere,Hong Kong activists Ho Loy and Chu Hoi-dick sought a judicial review before the demolition in 2007 of Queen's Pier on Hong Kong island.

The public-spirited pair recently received from the government the bill for legal costs. Looking at the sums involved, one is reminded of a British judge's remark -- but which one? -- "the law is like the Savoy Hotel, anyone can enter."

The Cost Of Rule Of Law In Hong Kong: EastSouthWestNorth

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Weather report

This is Hong Kong Observatory's chart of humidity (green) and temperature (red) for the 24hr period from 11pm on 22 August through to 11pm on Sunday, 23 August on a little island in the South China Sea..

As the sun rises the temperature climbs and reaches a peak in mid-afternoon of just a tad below 34C. And as the sun sinks to near and then below the horizon, the temperature drops.

No surprises there.

It has, however, followed that pattern -- a low of 27C and a high of 33.8C -- everyday for the past seven or eight days. Which means only "mad dogs and Englishmen" go out in the midday sun; them, and those who have no other option.

Although English, Mister B has, fortunately, not fallen into either of the above categories. But remains mindful of the misery of those less fortunate.

Life would be so different without air-conditioning . . .

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The xx: Crystalised

For the weekend, a guilty pleasure.

Sade meets New Order:

Mister Bijou is back

After a three month hiatus, Mister B is back. Currently, no desire to go into details, but I will say it was quite a trip and although I am not in great physical shape it is better than being in no shape at all.

Hope you are tickety-boo, whoever you are, wherever you are.

More, later.

Peace out.