Monday, August 24, 2009

Weather report

This is Hong Kong Observatory's chart of humidity (green) and temperature (red) for the 24hr period from 11pm on 22 August through to 11pm on Sunday, 23 August on a little island in the South China Sea..

As the sun rises the temperature climbs and reaches a peak in mid-afternoon of just a tad below 34C. And as the sun sinks to near and then below the horizon, the temperature drops.

No surprises there.

It has, however, followed that pattern -- a low of 27C and a high of 33.8C -- everyday for the past seven or eight days. Which means only "mad dogs and Englishmen" go out in the midday sun; them, and those who have no other option.

Although English, Mister B has, fortunately, not fallen into either of the above categories. But remains mindful of the misery of those less fortunate.

Life would be so different without air-conditioning . . .

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Nikc G said...

I took full advantage of the clement weather to go hiking on the much bigger island in the South China Sea (to the north of the little one). Much fun it was too, though a sunhat and three litres of water are recommended for a four-hour hike.
Saw a couple of mad dogs, but no other Englishmen.