Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hong Kong: Bun Festival 2006

Crowd control barriers arrived? Check. Bikes illegally parked on the waterfront removed? Check. Official viewing stands ready? Check. Bun Tower? Check.

Extra ferries? See earlier post. Check.

Hong Kong Police? Check. Hong Kong Fire Services Department? Check. Hong Kong Hospital Authority medical services? Check. Hong Kong Government Flying Service? Check.

Transport Department Emergency Transport Co-ordination Centre? Check. Home Affairs Department Emergency Co-ordination Centre? Check. Hong Kong Observatory? Check.

Local worthies? Check. Local unworthies? Check. Politicos, civil servants and other VIPs? Check.

Media centre? Check.

Hong Kong Tourist Authority? Check. Leisure and Cultural Services? Check. Islands District Council? Check. Hong Kong Mountaineering Union? Check? Cleaning Services? Check.

Hong Kong Police Bagpipe Band? In drone mode.

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