Sunday, May 28, 2006

After a deluge: salt and water

Hereabouts, eighty percent of the year's annual rainfall occurs between the beginning of May and the last days of August.

It seemed this Sunday morning as if we were getting half of it in one go. Yes, an amazingly heavy rain storm. It just bucketed it, bucketed it down.

Then it stopped.

Still, there is much pleasure to be had witnessing said tumult -- providing one is sheltered, safe and dry. Plus, as mum would say, a downpour's good for the plants, settles the dust, and cleans the streets.

All well and good, but that urban (and rural) run-off mostly pours into the sea -- which is why the local authorities recommend citizens stay out of the briny deep for the three days following a heavy rain storm.

The salt of the earth take no notice and bathe before, during, and after a deluge.

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