Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hong Kong: Bun Festival 2006

That's it. All over. The procession. The bun tower climb. Honour upheld: local fireman Jason Kwok ka-ming won for the second time.

Visitors to the island? Fifty thousand, according to the SCMP report. But they were quoting one of the organisers. And he would say that, wouldn't he? (For another crowd estimate, see Standard, below.) Who knows? Ace eye-witness (Nick G) relates that in the evening people queueing for the ferry back to Hong Kong were five deep in an orderly fashion from the ferry terminal all the way back down to Pak Tai Temple.

There were a lot of people.

I hear the avoid-the festivities-party at Sui Kwai Wan was a success. Perhaps someone who was there could email a report? Or, leave in comment box, below.

Me? I sat on my balcony and watched the spectacle. If I am still here next year (I have reached a time in life where I wake up everyday and say thank you), I will have a small party so that others may enjoy too. That, or hang a banner saying, "Photo op! $HK300 per person, with one drink and ice included".

What else?
Several elderly parade viewers were treated for heat stroke and one floating girl fainted atop her pole before the parade began.
And about 34,000 visitors - 10,000 of whom left following the parade - brought brisk business to the island.
Lau Pang-kwai, owner of a Ta Hing incense store, said he enjoyed a 50 percent increase in sales, while Yen Lau said she expected to sell out her stock of 4,000 bun-theme pillows at HK$45 each and make up to HK$50,000.
Full report: Hongkong Standard

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