Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dragon Boat Festival

Tomorrow, 31 May 2006, is Tuen Ng Festival ((what with it being the Fifth Day of the Fifth Moon) and Dragon Boat Day.

Another public holiday.

This year, the International Dragon Boat Races are taking place at Stanley Main Beach, on the south side of Hong Kong island. According to the official website, the International is now in its 39th year and there will be 3,500 paddlers. The website's frontpage has a neat pre-warm up video (but the frontpage also loads a rousing and loud rap version of I've Got the Power. If that means NSFW, wait till you get home.) Dragon Boat

Hereabouts, on a little island in the South China Sea, there were dragon boat races in the harbour on Sunday just gone. As in many other matters, here we paddle to the beat of a different drummer.

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