Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hong Kong: Bun Festival 2006

Yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, the island went vegetarian, or its notion of vegetarian. Steamed, or is it boiled, oysters, anyone? Still, the vegetarian crispy rolls are very good, if you avoid the over-greasy ones. Meat eaters mostly go into the closet for two and a half days.

Also on the plus side, as a sop to local custom, McDo -- yes, sadly, not gladly, there is a McDo on a little island in the South China Sea -- apparently stops serving its global McChew and McChuck. What do they serve instead? I have no idea.

What else? The selling of the Bun Festival. . . Official souvenirs? Phone strap (left) and magnet (right). There's probably more, but I haven't seen any yet.

This year, the baker asked me if I wanted a festival bun with lotus seed filling. I said I didn't care, just give me a lucky bun. He laughed, but took my money all the same.

Friday is going to be very crowded.

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