Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hong Kong: Bun Festival 2006

Late Wednesday night, this email from Mick S:
I just saw the ATV late news and apart from telling its audience that the bun festival was on Saturday I'm sure they said there'd be special ferries and overnight buses TO Cheung Chau. Well, I want to be on one.
Thanks, Mick S! Here's a preview.


Still, even local terrestial broadcaster ATV isn't alone in its confusion about when the Bun Festival takes place. Today's South China Morning Post also repeats the Saturday error in its extensive report "Bun festival climbing champion vows to keep local grip on trophy." (The defending champion, Kwok Kai-wing, is a local who is also a fireman.) If you are interested, the story is on page four of City section (no link, paid).

Still, every cloud. . . et cetera. Those of a curmudgeonly disposition will welcome ATV and SCMP's hopelessly misinformed reporting as this promises fewer people visiting the island on Friday. Even if the other English-language newspaper got it right: Hongkong Standard.

And here, too.

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