Thursday, July 21, 2005

Unstable weather, unstable computer

Yesterday, I had to take the ferry into town. Why? Windows XP refused to boot up completely. Was it to do with the oppressive heat (34C)? The Hot Weather Warning? The Amber Rainstorm Warning? The Thunderstorm Warning? Hardware failure? Software malfunction? I am inclined to: all of the above. Anyway, ferry to Central, then taxi to Wanchai. (Too hot to go by any other means.)
There are two buildings on Hennessy Road, Wanchai, with floor after floor devoted to all-things computer: Wanchai Computer Centre and 298 Hennessy Road. A computer nerd's wet dream. I elected to frequent the rather more louche 298. Matters computer are now rather more stable; fingers crossed.
So it seems appropriate, at this juncture, to feature this natty website: Net Disaster. Wherein you can trash the website of your choice. Very enjoyable it is, too. Without permanent damage to you, your computer, or your website of choice. Recommended: experiment, and go massive. Thanks, Gavin!

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