Sunday, July 31, 2005

Brummies causing trouble again

Birmingham, my hometown, has been in the news a bit recently.
First they taser (scary link) one of the suspected would-be London bombers who's reaching for his backpack while hiding out in a poor part of town.
Then a tornado rips through another poor part of the city not too far from the part of town mentioned above. Mind you, they had a tornado in that area before, in 1931. But I don't suppose anyone currently living there would have known about that. Added to which, in an area like that, many people will have limited insurance, if at all. And it probably wouldn't cover tornados and suchlike anyway.
Go away, stuff happens. Five Brummie Sikhs (with backpacks) on holiday in New York got hauled off a tour bus on Broadway. Handcuffed, they were made to kneel on the street until it was established they were Sikhs, and that's OK. Mayor Bloomberg later apologized.
Birmingham phlegm: "These things happen, don't they? We have no hard feelings. It certainly made our trip different, but didn't ruin it at all." Well, it will certainly be something to talk about when they get back and go down the pub.

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