Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Iraq: scorpions in a bottle

Earlier today, I posted three links to articles about Iraq. About what's going on in Iraq. Now. The first link was to Peter Galbraith at the New York Review of Books. The second was to Los Angeles Times. The third was to an article by Patrick Cockburn that originally appeared in the Independent but is now at Counterpunch. The first and third articles are commented on in this very useful analysis, which also looks ahead. Worthwhile. It ends thus:
Considering the American blunders, American crimes and -- worst of all -- sheer American ignorance that brought Iraq and its peoples to this point, such a stance has about as much moral integrity as a little boy who, having dumped a bunch of red ants and black ants together to watch them fight, gets bored with the whole thing and flushes them all down the toilet. It is beneath contempt.
Which is why it probably is exactly what the Cheney administration will ultimately do in Iraq -- no doubt to the grateful cheers of the American public.

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