Thursday, July 28, 2005

I Will Always Love You

Went and sat up on the roof around 7:30pm. To the west, the sun had already dropped down below the horizon, leaving in its wake a slow fading, very pale blue sky. Behind me? Darkness. The sound of the waves breaking on the beach. So I sat and watched the fading light, and wondered about the two pinpoints of brightness in the western sky. Was one Venus, the other Arcturus or Aldeban? And to the southwest, a slowly moving, regular blinking of lights: jetliners making their descent in preparation for landing at Chep Lap Kok airport. One plane after another. All too far away to hear. Just the waves and the wind. Then a baby, somewhere, started crying. Briefly.
So, I sat and watched, and listened. And tried not to think of anything too much. Finally came downstairs and made dinner and stuff. I wasn't going to come back on line. But I did.
And found the song I Will Always Love You. Not so much found, but stumbled upon, unexpected. It's not the Whitney Houston version. But as sung by the lady who wrote it: Dolly Parton.
Mp3 here. 'Nuff said.

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