Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fox News beneath contempt? Fox News are scum

Roger Mosey, head of BBC Television News, writing about the BBC's public service mission to report 'honestly and accurately' during and since the bombing in London, had this to say about Rupert Murdoch's Fox News:
A contributor to Fox said after the London bombings that "the BBC almost operates as a foreign registered agent of Hezbollah and some of the other jihadist groups". On the Fox website today there is an opinion piece, "How Jane Fonda and the BBC put you in danger". I am writing this in a building which was bombed by Irish terrorists. My colleagues and I are living in a city recovering from the wounds inflicted last week. If I may leave our customary impartiality aside for a moment, the comments made on Fox News are beneath contempt.
Full text here.

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