Saturday, December 30, 2006

Xinhua's in-house style guide?

Most every mainstream media organization -- be it print, radio, TV, Internet -- has its own in-house style guide.

As the UK's Guardian newspaper explains:
Such guides provide a degree of uniformity in how things are spelt, written and reported.
Guardian online: A-Z style guide

Elsewhere, ESWN has translated into English what purports to be an in-house guide for mainland China's Xinhua. ESWN prefaces the translation as follows:
Warning: The following is a translation of what is purported to be an Xinhua news agency internal list of banned terms for its editorial departments, domestic and international bureaus. There is no guarantee that this is authentic. If this was fabricated, then the person must have studied Xinhua very, very carefully in order to deduce these rules and regulations. Minimallly, the author is an insider.
The phrase "banned terms" is ESWN's translation, presumably, of the original Chinese. Is the guide genuine? Whatever it is, the "Xinhua news agency internal list of banned terms" proves to be an interesting, mostly pleasantly surprising, and revealing read: ESWN

Mister Bijou can also recommend: The Economist (magazine's) Style Guide, which is based on its own in-house manual: amazon

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