Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mylène Farmer: Pas le Temps de Vivre

For the weekend, a guilty pleasure.

French Canadian-born, Mylène Farmer is France's biggest selling recording artist. Since the late-1980s, she has produced one awesome album after another. Her songs deal mostly with sex, death, religion, and love. Her videos are very carefully crafted, extraordinary affairs, which French TV has occasionally refused to air.

Farmer composed Pas Le Temps de Vivre (Not Having the Time to Live), following the death of her brother. A beautiful song of loss and love, Farmer's performance in this live show is tearful, halting, painfully heartfelt, and yet powerfully celebratory in its quiet tenderness:

Beautiful, yes? Oh, the French lyrics are here (scroll down): paroles

That clip, however, gives hardly a hint of the grand theatricality of a Mylène Farmer show. So please watch this clip. It's the opening of her show at Bercy, Paris, in January 2006: youtube

Awesome, Mylène Farmer.

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