Monday, December 11, 2006

hong kong copy news: edition 13

This week: Civic Party's Alan Leong, pregnant mainlanders, midwifery (which Mister Bijou was taught is spoken as "midwhiffery"), logistics park.

It's weekly, local, satirical, and in an adorable animation format: hong kong copy news.


MomentEye said...

You know what, I always said 'midwhiffery' before but I though I was taking the piss when I did it.

And 'midwhiffery' is even more fun to say - FACT!

mister bijou said...
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mister bijou said...

No, no! I think hk copy news is spot on. Hong Kong's English-language TV newsreaders have an amazing talent for mangling the English language. Midwife -> midwifery. Mister B will adopt henceforth. Many thanks!