Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Best music of 2006?

Wisdom of the crowds? For the list of list: large hearted boy.

In 2006, Mister Bijou bought very little. Let's see, time to re-acquaint with tales of a dark past: The Velvet Underground and Nico.

Bob Dylan's Modern Times. Although nowhere near as strong as Time Out of Mind, it's getting more plays than "Love and Theft".

Zoe Keating, one cello x 16: natoma.

Don't remember how I discovered Keating, although it was late in the year. Mister B is a sucker for the cello -- it's a long story -- and Keating plays acoustic cello, the sounds of which she may loop or repeat. Oh, she also knocks on the cello's body, brushes it with her bow, and taps on the bridge. If you like the cello, you might want to explore her website (which includes a couple of videos of her performing, especially recommended the video of Legions): zoekeating

Update. Legions is also on youtube.

For those who have any interest whatsoever, Mister Bijou may cough up some cash in 2007 for some of the music mentioned in artforum.

And some of the electronic stuff and other stuff featured in the Year's Recap at NYC's Other Music

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