Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hong Kong: Earthquake . . .HSBC online banking services

HSBC Online Services:
Customers may experience problems in accessing online services

Following the recent earthquake near Taiwan yesterday evening (December 26), submarine cables that serve phone and other telecommunications needs such as the Internet for residential and corporate customers in Hong Kong have experienced significant disruptions. Under this situation, customers may encounter difficulty in accessing Business Internet Banking, HSBCnet and eReceivable Finance services. Our own efforts and efforts of our third-party suppliers will continue until all services are fully restored.

If you encounter delays in using online services and have urgent or critical transactions today, please submit your instructions through alternative means. Should you require any assistance, please call our service hotline on 2748-8222.
I suppose a little island in the South China Sea's three ATMs belonging to HSBC are working, aren't they? That's something to discover after the sun comes up.

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