Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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Having procrastinated for far too long, Mister Bijou finally went out and bought a digital camera. Yes, finally! Don't ask why it took so long.

On a little island in the South China Sea, this is the view across the street from Mister Bijou's bijou residence: Park n'Shop supermarket on the ground floor; a Chinese tarpaulin; Chinese restaurant on the floor above; modern chromium and glass building in the background; several people; a dog; a major pile of cardboard boxes awaiting recycling; some bikes; half a tree.

The yellow awning in the foreground belongs to a women's and children's fashion cum cooked-food store below Mister B's. Further out, the glass and chrome building stretches for a block and was completed three years ago. The building has been empty ever since -- something to do with the property developer not applying to whichever government department for a rezoning of land-use permit prior to construction. Hence, permit denied. Ha-ha!

The photo? There is some flare-up in the supermarket's left-hand panel . . . time to read the damn manual.

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