Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Just after 3pm this Wednesday afternoon, it felt like all hell had broken loose . . .

Out of nowhere, a little island in the South China Sea was subject to a sky so dark the street lights turned themselves on, while a quick succession of very strong gusts of wind and an almighty deluge of rain hammered the place.

Right-minded people ran for cover, while others battened down their hatches and turned on the lights.

Twenty or so minutes later it was back to business-as-usual.

Which includes, in the run up to the big event on Friday, small groups of resolute males holding big bunches of lighted incense sticks while walking through the village in the company of Taoist priests, cornet blowers and drum thumpers.


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YTSL said...

Hope the weather will be fine come Friday!!! And that you'll be there to photograph the festivities! :)