Monday, May 03, 2010

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Dragon dance

Sunday's "holy" procession wasn't the only event of the day.

From morning till late afternoon, the air was filled with the sounds of (sometimes competing) large drums, small cymbals, bowl gongs and blaring trumpets.

There was much sound and fury . . . signifying something.

Whatever the reason, many of the local, neighbourhood association dragon dancing teams were on walkabout on this little island in the South China Sea.

And very nice it was, too.


david said...

It was Tin Hau's birthday.
There was 20 blokes under our awning drinking beer and swearing loudly ALL night.
We got home around 11.30 and had to climb over people to get in.
One looked at me and said "it's only one night!"
As he was bigger than me i told them to get on with it.
When in Rome eh?

YTSL said...

Isn't Tin Hau's birthday today (May 6) rather than this past weekend? Still, some people might have chosen to celebrate early -- especially as Tin Hau's Birthday isn't a public holiday in Hong Kong.

mister bijou said...

YTSL, saw your post about your trip to Joss House Bay for Tin Hau birthday. Nice one.

All I can tell you is that this little island in the South China Sea, in more ways than one, is known to occasionally operate in another, alternate, shape-shifting, time dimension.

For instance, hereabouts the Dragon Boat races in June are always a week or so ahead of everyone else . . .