Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Bun Festival

In front of Pak Tai Temple, the three bamboo-frame, bun-clad towers are in place. Too, four large papier-mâché gods. And an incense altar. Plus the open-sided, bamboo opera house.

A little island in the South China Sea goes vegetarian tomorrow, Wednesday, and will remain so until Friday when people scale the towers just before midnight and pull down the buns.

Until then it is the calm before the storm: fifty thousand people are expected on the island on Friday to watch the procession through the village and the bun tower climbing.


YTSL said...

50,000 people!!! I wonder... for comparison's sake, do you know how many people visit Cheung Chau on Sundays?

mister bijou said...

No real idea, but on a regular Sunday I'd guess a couple of thousand