Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Long Hair bugged?

According to [Hong Kong's] The Standard, Long Hair (Leung Kwok-hung) suspects his phone (phones? flat? car?) may have been wiretapped by the police. Wouldn't surprise me. In colonial times, without going through much legal rigmarole, the local Special Branch routinely bugged people's phones. According to Wikipedia's entry on the Special Branch, the polit-pols in Hong Kong were disbanded in 1995. But old habits die hard, etc. Come to that, what is Hong Kong's post-1997, post-colonial, one-country-two-systems equivalent of the Special Branch?
Leung Kwok-hung (Chinese: 梁國雄; Cantonese in IPA: lœːŋ kwɔːk hʊŋ; Pinyin: Liáng Guóxióng), also known as Long Hair (長毛) (born 27 March 1956) is a Hong Kong political activist, he is currently a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (LegCo) representing New Territories East.
Full Wiki Long Hair entry here.

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I bought im a drink (he'djust missed getting elected) once in Club 64?!!