Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Bigger Bang

The Rolling Stones have an album coming out in September. In all likelihood it is their last studio album. Title? A Bigger Bang.
So what? Apart from Let It Bleed (1969), Exile on Main Street (1972) and Some Girls (1978), the only other Stones album worth having is a compilation of their singles from the 1960s and early '70s. OK, I'll be generous and throw in another album: Tattoo You (1981). Other than those, there have been a succession of bad to mediocre albums for thirty years or more. I have listened to many, bought none.
The Stones are a very efficient and experienced business machine, the publicity for the new album is already cranking up. I guess this post is part of that. Mea culpa.
Anyway, good look at the Stones -- 'the most expensive tribute band in the world' -- and review of the tracks on the new album in Uncut magazine. Which also has a special section on the life and death of Brian Jones -- and stuff about an upcoming film with the working title The Wild and Wycked World of Brian Jones.

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