Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hong Kong: Sex and the City

Fighting fire with fire, culture war hots up in Hong Kong:
(SCMP) More than 1,400 indecency complaints have been filed against the Bible -- nearly 10 times more than those lodged against the Chinese University student journal. The Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority yesterday confirmed 1,406 complaints were received and two of the complaints were made by phone and fax. The rest were filed by e-mail. About 168 complaints have been filed against the university's Student Press.

A Chinese-language website, which has launched a campaign demanding a reclassification of the Bible, has stopped transferring complaints to the authority automatically after complaint numbers jumped to 11,660. "The website has been disrupted with the intention of discrediting our credibility. We do not rule out the possibility of reporting the case to police to find out the guilty party who tries to suppress freedom of speech," a statement issued in the website said.

The website said the Bible was full of stories and references to incest, rape, cannibalism and violence. Therefore, it should be classified as indecent or obscene.
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