Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hong Kong: (Plastic ) Bun Festival

To go, or not to go. That is the question. It's going to be really crowded, around midnight:
The individual race will be followed by a relay competition. For the first time, the organisers have invited teams from places outside Hong Kong to join the competition. Teams from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Macau will take part in the competition. The three teams are Vertex Adventure Team, Shenzhen Mountaineering and Outdoorsports Association and Clube de Escalada Guia Macau.

They will compete with teams from Cheung Chau: Petrel Athletic Association, Confederacy of Hong Kong Shanwei Clansmen, Cheung Chau Hoi Luk Fung Culture and Recreation Association, Hong Kong Netting Cultivation and Fisherman Association and Cheung Chau Sai Wan Ma Sing Temple Management Association.
All participants have to follow the rules stipulated by the organising parties such as no offensive weapon. Participants must climb vertically and are forbidden to climb sideways or climb with the aid of others, by pulling other participants' clothing or safety gear, or by stepping on any parts of other participants' bodies.
Source: press release

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