Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hong Kong Observatory isohyet chart

Follow up to yesterday's post.

Which had heavier rainfall, Ta Kwu Ling or Tai Po?

Tai Po.

Yes, it did. Check it against the Hong Kong Observatory's colour chart.

See, their colour scheme is seriously confusing and counter intuitive. Why? Generally, the convention is colour shifts from light to dark to represent the gradient from less to more.

Light = less. Dark = more.

But not at the Observatory, where the colour ranges in green and purple run in the opposite direction (light = more; dark = less).

Because the Observatory's isohyet chart does not follow convention, it can easily make for misleading reading.

The Observatory invites comments about the isohyet chart and includes the following address: mailbox [at]

Mister Bijou already emailed. Perhaps some more emails from others might make a difference. [rant over]

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