Sunday, March 18, 2007


Mister Bijou has seen few films more than once, with one exception: Performance. Made in late 1968, but only released in 1970, Mister B saw that film six times during the 1970s.

Why? For starters, Performance is crammed with sex, drugs, rock and roll, violence, and issues of identity. What's not to love about a combination like that?

Plus, it's great cinema.

However, from the onset of the 1980s, Mister Bijou's viewership tanked. (It's a long story). But his birthday is coming up and Performance is now available . . . on DVD!

There used to be a couple of clips on youtube, but they have been taken down.

Still there is . . . Performance: Anita Pallenberg talks about the notorious Sixties film: Independent

Or, "What's Been Puzzling You is the Nature of My Game": Performance (Sense of Cinema)

Brill. Just brill.

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