Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hong Kong: the naming of names

Daisann McLane writes:
You can pretty much divide Hong Kongers into generations, based on the English language names they use. Anybody over 45 will probably sport a common and somewhat archaic British name like Margaret, Grace, Gordon, Alan, Alice or, perhaps, Donald. But under 45, things start to get looser. Among 35 to 40 year olds you'll find Tiffanys, Jennys, Jackys and Eddies. Then, below the age of 35, the dam breaks open in the Chinese-to-English name game: Serendipity, Durian, Ecstasy, Napoleon.
Great read: Call Me Durian

The naming of names. Mister Bijou remembers once meeting a girl called Alcohol. Mister B queried the name, and she looked at Mister B as though he were dim-witted.

There used to be a girl who worked at a professional photo film developer and printer in Central who called herself Bad Wong. Must have been a fan of the words, music and moonwalk of Michael Jackson.

Then there was the salesman called Beatrick. He said people remembered him because of his name. He was right.

That's enough. Please read Daisann.

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