Friday, March 23, 2007

Hong Kong: daai seng, the big sound

Daisann McLane writes:
I am in the middle of having a brain operation without anesthesia and a mad surgeon is holding a power drill millimeters from my skull. Oh, wait. The damn jong sau is still going on in flats 15A and B. Here at Profitable View Court, we tenants are living in renovation hell. Every morning at 9am, the construction crew arrives. At exactly 9:15 they finish drinking their naaih cha, plug in the power drills, and the daai seng, the big sound, begins. I'm jarred out of sleep, my head starts to throb and my chest feels like it will explode from the stop-and-start whining and hammering.
Great stuff. To read the rest, please go here: Learning Cantonese

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