Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Concrete plans

Hong Kong Government sold some land at public auction yesterday. More precisely, the level grass area at Shui Hang adjacent to the coastal Sai Wan road. Next door is Greenery Crest estate, which is immediately to the southwest of the three public tennis courts.

Bidding for the patch at Shui Hang started at $HK39 million. The final, accepted bid was HK$96.5 million. In sterling, that's getting on for six and a half million pounds.

The buyer? Cecil Chao. Did he pay too much? More details: Hong Kong Standard

Long-term residents will recall that Cecil Chao Sze-tsung has a colourful background: Asiaweek

More recently, in Kuala Lumpur he seems to have become a doctor: the star

Mister Bijou will tomorrow go down to Shui Hang and take a photo of ninety-six point five million Hong Kong dollars.

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