Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In praise of mangosteen

Today, Mister B bought some mangosteen at one of the local fruit and veg shops of regular patronage.

It pays to be regular.

Last week, the f & v lady triumphantly pulled out a UK ten pence piece and thrust it in front of me. I wondered what was going on for a moment. The coin is the same colour and size as a Hong Kong dollar. She wanted me to see it, and asked me how much it was worth. After some discussion, we decided it was worth about HK$1.40.

Whereupon, she thrust it in my hand, and wished me well. Like I say, it pays to be regular.

Mangosteen? I knew they were mangosteen because it said so on the box. That, and when you get them home it's best to open them with care as they have a stain almost impossible to remove. Best eaten, therefore, over the sink.

Still, after I got home, I did a bit of googling. Turns out many in Southeast Asia regard it as Queen of the Fruit. Me, I am much more partial to the exquisite taste of durian. Still, as they say, one person's poisson is another person's poison.

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