Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hong Kong: Bus Uncle + fifteen minutes of fame

Last week, local weekly magazine Next, having tracked down Bus Uncle, took him to to an estate agents in Kowloon to "meet" his erstwhile bus companion "Alvin".

Local reporting had thus moved from reporting news to manufacturing news.

Since when, Alvin and "Jon" (the person who filmed the incident that livened up the journey home on the 68X bus) have met and made the frontcover of another local tabloid magazine.

But one tabloid has since gone even further: taking Bus Uncle across the border to mainland China so as to ply him with cheap drinks and even cheaper sex workers. (If I remember well, they pulled the same stunt some years ago with the husband of a woman who had been murdered. Pictures and headlines that followed were along the lines: Heartless husband frolics with happy hookers.)

Uncle Bus makes for, and gives, good copy. Clearly enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame, he brags about the huge quantity of women he has bedded and commends the benefits of cunnilingus:
"before the train even enters the tunnel, she has already capsized in Tolo Harbour."
Erh, yes, quite. Anyway, Uncle Bus goes on a Field Trip: EastSouthWestNorth

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