Monday, June 19, 2006

Hong Kong: another Tung Chee-hwa folly

So this was the then Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa's vision by 2003: "a cable car and a themed cultural village, with associated attractions and facilities, creating a truly integrated tourism experience."


So five days before the official opening, where are we?

According to today's Hong Kong Standard, the cable car's ticket office at Tung Chung may not be large enough, is poorly ventilated, and only has celing fans to cool the expected crowds. Each cable car only seats ten, with additional room for seven standing. The trial run on Sunday (17 June, 2005) left 500 volunteers motionless in the air for more than two hours. . . something to do with the software. The Standard

This was after a similar problem that lasted 45 minutes on Saturday. Oh, and someone recently realised that the locality's often strong winds means that service will have to be suspended, possibly for a total of three months in the year.

The Grand Opening will be postponed.

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