Thursday, February 09, 2006

Unscheduled outage

No idea how the blogger/blogspot one-hour 'scheduled outage' went on Monday, but Mister Bijou woke up the following morning with a swollen and sore throat, watery eyes, nasal congestion and a racking cough. Not much of an appetite for life, nor even for a mug of fresh coffee.
By late afternoon of the same day, exhausted and whacked out, only bed beckoned as the best place to be: fully clothed, under two duvets; mostly drowsy, past caring.
However, somewhat more chipper by Wednesday lunchtime, a trip to the Out-Patients Department at the public hospital on a little island in the South China Sea seemed like a good idea.
Possibilities of avian flu, and all that.
Whatever, I felt dreadful.
A doctor's diagnosis? The common cold.
Yes, acute nasopharyngitis!
Wah, I rarely get such things! I thinks that's partly because I eat fairly well most every day -- plenty of fruit and veg.
But also because I lead a quasi, hermit-like existence -- only occasionally venturing into Hong Kong and so am not regularly and constantly exposed to the myriad things that circulate in the city's mass transit, buses, ferries, offices, restaurants, cafes, classrooms, lift lobbies and lifts.
Anyway, back to business.

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