Friday, February 17, 2006

Ferry fares up 6.5%

Price hike announced 16 February 2006. New fares take effect as of 21 February 2006.
Despite strong protests from islanders, New World First Ferry will increase its fares by an average of 6.5 percent from next week, affecting 30,000 passengers daily.
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Central/Cheung Chau; Central/Peng Chau; Central/Mui Wo
(Adult fare: one-way)
Ordinary ferry
Regular: HK$11.30
Deluxe: HK$17.80
Fast ferry: HK$22.20
Sundays & Public Holidays
Ordinary ferry
Regular: HK$16.70
Deluxe: HK$26.00
Fast ferry: HK$32.00
Peng Chau/Mui Wo/Chi Ma Wan/Cheung Chau
(Adult fare: one-way)
Inter-island ferry: HK$9.20

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