Sunday, February 12, 2006

Midnight munchies

Midnight, Saturday.
Feeling peckish, I took myself down to the waterfront to buy some sushi off the hawker who sells the stuff between 10pm and 2am.
Take away.
Salmon, eel, fish roe, and some shredded octopus.
Ms Hawker always sprinkles soy sauce over it all, then always asks me if I want wasabi. As usual, I reply in the affirmative, adding that I only want a little. She proceeds to drop a great dollop of the green stuff onto the sushi-laden polysterene tray. I smile, say 'thank you', and hand over my money. She puts the tray into a plastic bag, hands me the bag. We both say 'thank you'. In English and Cantonese.
Come home, eat the stuff.
Germ killer

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