Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stargazer: view toward horizon from 22°N 114°E

This is a follow-up to the photograph in this previous post.

The buildings around the main square of a little island in the South China Sea block any view of the horizon (and more else besides). So, the view from Mister Bijou's bijou balcony is limited.

Still, even with the semi-cramped view and the often overwhelming light pollution, there is on a cloudless evening stuff to see in the sky and wonder about. That crescent Moon, for instance, and the one very bright twinkling object. But what is it that burns so bright? Saturn or Venus?

At the same time last night, the moon was southeast of either Saturn or Venus. Tonight, at the same hour, the moon has shifted higher and more westward so that the positions are now reversed: Saturn or Venus is currently hanging to the Moon's southeast.

Saturn or Venus? Mister B now believes Nick G was spot on: Venus. Thanks, Nick G!

Venus burns much brighter than any other object in sky (besides the Sun and Moon). But, even so, this may help for tonight's view at seven thirty-six pm: fourmi lab

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