Friday, June 22, 2007

Hong Kong: local action

Local Action, by Daisann McLane: Learning Cantonese

It's a good read. And not for the first time, Daisann mentions the book Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong, by Alice Poon. Book review: hemlock

The digested review? Poon's book explains why and how a small group of property developers became mega-rich and in the process took commanding positions in the domestic economy: buses, electricity, gas, supermarkets and other retail chains, telecommunications. . .

Even shorter? Why things are the way they are.

According to Ms Poon, Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong, which was published in 2005, is available in Hong Kong at Dymocks as well as the other retail chain bookstore Bookazine.

It's also available online at Amazon, but the Amazon resellers are asking from US$29.50 to US$38 for Used copies.

However, although Land and the Ruling Class is not listed at Hong Kong's English-language on-line book retailer Paddyfield, an email to paddyfield elicits the following:
We are pleased to inform you that we can order the book for you.
The price is HK$150.
The order is in. In the meantime, Local Action.

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