Monday, June 18, 2007

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Seven thirty-six pm: the crescent Moon hangs off Saturn Venus


Nick G said...

Are you sure this is Saturn? According to the HKO it should be on the point of setting around this time. Think it may be Venus, usual suspect in the evening.

mister bijou said...

I looked at HKO and also at BBC website:

On the afternoon of the 18th, Venus will be occulted by the Moon. (In other words, the Moon will move in front of the planet). The event takes place between about 3.00pm and 4.20pm, so it's only really something for the more experienced observer.

The Moon will help you locate this otherwise starry-looking object, by lying to the right of the planet on the 18th. Venus gets in on the act too, lying to the right of the Moon.


The timings will be different, but do things look different from London than from here?

Thanks for comment!


mister bijou said...

Forgot to conclude previous post with following:

Any input from other stargazers most welcome!