Sunday, July 23, 2006

We: Arundhati Roy on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

Youtube? With each passing day, meandering around leads to all manner of new satisfactions:

Isn't that something? What do you think of that 1937 Winston Churchill quote? That little kid with a white flag trying to negotiate a crossroad? Make that a cross road.

Fast paced, with a music soundtrack that includes Nine Inch Nails, Amon Tobin, Massive Attack, the documentary is based on a speech Arundhati Roy gave in 2002. Since when nothing she describes has got any better, got any different.

May I be as bold as to suggest that this is a 'must see' documentary. In its entirety, it's sixty-four minutes long. It will need your time, but it doesn't require your money to watch. Why? It's free. Took Mister B eighteen minutes to download. Hey! Download in the background while you do something else.

Details: We, the documentary


Jill said...

Wow what an amazing documentary! Thanks for posting the link. I cannot believe Churchill actually said that. I researched it online and it's still hard to believe. What a scumbag.

mister bijou said...

Thanks, Jill!
Yes, a scumbag of the first order.

Have you downloaded and looked at the complete documentary? It is very good.

Oh, youtube is currently down (Friday) so the link on this page isn't working for the time being. That should be just a temporary state of affairs.

Best wishes,

Mister Bijou

Jonathan said...

Wow. What a ridiculous piece of garbage.

All feelings about the Churchill quote aside, didn't Muslims steal Palestine from the Jews? Aren't the Jews the most original inhabitants of the area?

Israel targets terrorists, who kill indiscriminately. Hezbollah kill children with intent.

This piece of junk that you've put on your blog is just a hip piece of Palestinian propaganda, and no matter how many popular songs they may include in it, Palestinian terrorists will never be justified in their savage attacks on innocent people.

mister bijou said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mister bijou said...

Jonathan, thanks for yr comments. I am not about to respond to them one by one. Except to say, Hezbollah are in Lebanon; Hamas are in gaza and the West bank, 'the occupied territories'. You seem a bit confused.

Anyway, stay safe, stay well.

Mister B

Anonymous said...

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