Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Captain Tobias Hume

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Short notice, I know, but Mister B only just got the email. My pal Dean Ferrell (see above) is performing at the Kárahnúkur protest camp (28 July), Bechtel (!) Village (29 July), and at the Egilsbúð in Neskaupstaður (also 28 July).

We are talking about places at the extreme east end of Iceland. Neskaupstaður looks really neat: Neskaupstaður

A long time resident of Rekyjavik, Dean is a fine double-bass player, and has developed a one-man show based on the life and times of Tobias Hume (1569?-1645). Hume lived an interesting life as a soldier, mercenary, musician, composer and prankster: Wikipedia

I guess the performances are linked with the protests about dam building which, when completed, will serve to produce hydro-electric power for a yet to be completed ALCOA aluminium smelter. The dams are being built by war profiteers Bechtel. More info: saving iceland

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