Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The older Mister B becomes, the more farewells take on a weight and gravity that was absent in earlier days. Will today's au revoir be in reality a final adieu? Whatever. It was good to have spent time together. And only natural to try and stretch those last moments a little longer. At sundown Adam, Antonia, Max and moi-meme lingered to watch the inter-island ferry sail out of the harbour as we waved to a slowly receding Barb and Sonny. The ferry-board travellers' destination? Mui Wo, where a car (thanks, Jacky) was going to pick them up and deliver them to Chep Lap Kok Airport. Just after a 11pm a lovely text message came through so I rang back. They were at the gate but boarding is delayed until midnight. Let's trust they have a safe journey without incident.

Somewhere in the sound library is a CD with Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington and His Orchestra performing Cole Porter's Everytime We Say Goodbye. I think I'll just hum it. . .

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