Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One Good Move

These days, one of Mister B's regular ports of call is One Good Move: I thought these things might be clues.
Why? Good links and access to video excerpts.

Regulars include highlights from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. (More from Jon Stewart's Daily Shows are also available at Comedy Central.)

Oh, yes, One Good Move is also currently carrying a clip from the British series Yes, Prime Minister! Worth a look.

But if you watch nothing else at One Good Move, please watch Bush answering(?) a question at John Hopkins International Studies School. That man is the leader of the most powerful and militarized country in the world.

Prefer to see the John Hopkins' Q&A in Quicktime format? It's short, and also at Crooks and Liars

All that and more at: One Good Move

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