Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter + Tin Hau

Today is Good Friday, a public holiday. This morning, I couldn't be fussed to go down to either of the big supermarkets on the waterfront to buy a pack of Hot Cross Buns, instead I went across the square to the bakery and bought a bunnish "raisin stick" to have with my fresh coffee. As I usually do.

Wednesday past, the temperature during the day was 28C. Since when, a cold front has rushed down from the north and the temperature plummeted to 16C. It's really quite pleasant.

As well as being Easter and a public holiday, the people from Sai Wan (down the southwest corner of a little island in the South China Sea) are celebrating the Tin Hau festival. Unlike other Tin Hau celebrations taking place next week elsewhere in the region, the timing of the local Sai Wan festival is strictly in accordance with the appearance of the full moon (lunar phases).

Other than that, during daylight hours there is much beatings of drums and blowing of horns as various teams of lion dancers make their slow progress through the holiday crowds.

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