Monday, June 20, 2005

Moon songs

According to NASA, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, the moon is going to look real big as viewed from the USA.
This week's full moon hangs lower in the sky than any full moon since June 1987, so the Moon Illusion is going to be extra strong.
More about the Moon Illusion at NASA. Let's hope it's true for here too.

Some Moon songs:
Blue Moon -- The Marcels
Fly Me To the Moon -- Frank Sinatra
Blue Moon of Kentucky -- Bill Monroe
Walking on the Moon -- The Police
Moon River -- Johnny Mathis
Bad Moon Rising -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
Moonshadow -- Cat Stevens
Every One's Gone to the Moon -- Jonathan King
Mr Moonlight -- The Beatles
Harvest Moon -- Neil Young
Shine On Harvest Moon -- Laurel and Hardy
Sisters of the Moon -- Fleetwood Mac
How High the Moon -- Ella Fitzgerald
The Whole of the Moon -- The Waterboys
Moonlight -- Bob Dylan
Album? The Floyd's -- Dark Side of the Moon
Instrumental? Third movement of Suite Bergmanasque, Clair de Lune -- Claude Debussy
I'm sure there are more songs. If you are interested, in this household the all-time favourite song remains: Moondance -- Van Morrison

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