Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Bun Festival, procession (28 April 2012)


YTSL said...

Have to say that it's the Piu Sik part of the Cheung Chan Bun Festival that I'd most like to view!

How difficult is it to get a good viewing spot for the parade, Mr. B.?

mister bijou said...

Yeah, I like to Piu Sik part too.

The parade kicks off from Pak Tai Temple at 2pm and wends its way through the village. It's all over by 4:pm.

I'd advise staying away from that part of the route that takes in the waterfront. Why? No shade.

Good places? The square between ferry terminal and Tung Wan Beach, Or, alongside the covered market.

I guess you'd need to be in place an hour before the procession kicks off.