Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Sunday afternoon, 3:44pm

Last night, Hong Kong Observatory forecast "rain" and "thunderstorms" for Sunday. . . well, as they say around these parts, wah!

Around 3:30pm, day turned to night. If the street lamps had light sensors they'd have turned those lamps on. But they don't, so they didn't.

That didn't stop shopkeepers and householders reaching for their light switches as a couple of thunder claps later the heavens opened up. . . producing a torrential, and I mean torrential, downpour.

By 4pm it was all over.


YTSL said...

Was that the first major (even if short) downpour of the year? It's been so long since the sky darkened and the heavens opened with a vengeance like it did this afternoon! :O

mister bijou said...

Yeah, first of the year. From beginning to end the whole thing lasted little more than thirty minutes on this little island in the South China Sea. Didn't it get so dark and then brighten up again real quickly? Awesome.