Friday, August 22, 2008

Weather pr0n: Typhoon Nuri

UPDATE. Seven thirty pm: oh, me; oh, my. It is blowing a gale and, like the Observatory forecast, a little island in the South China Sea is also subject to squally heavy rain.

According to the Observatory webpage, hereabouts is currently experiencing maximum gusts of over 100km/h. Definately not the sort of weather to be out and about in.

Late this afternoon, Typhoon Nuri was upon us. The typhoon's eye was heading for Sai Kung; then the big wind decided to re-organize itself and head west to Tsing Yi before heading north.

Nuri was a fast moving typhoon. Yesterday, the Observatory raised the Number One in the morning and by late afternoon had upgraded to a Number Three.

At just before 8:00am this morning, the Observatory issued the Number Eight, followed several hours later by a Number Nine (gale or storm force winds).

Most everyone has had a day off work.

Hereabouts is quite sheltered, but the wind was strong and determined enough at lunchtime to push down the Chinese myrtle tree in the village square.

Doubtless other trees have fallen in more exposed places.

Territory wide? No ferries, buses and trams. The MTR is on a limited service. The airport? Three hundred flights cancelled or delayed. Some flights diverted.

Collapsed scaffolding. No reports of flooding.

Rain was decidely light, but the Observatory forecasts "squally heavy rain" for this evening and tomorrow.

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